Holiday Collection 2: Grand Charcuterie Experience!


Make the holidays extra special with Golden A and Aguila Gourmet Meats beautifully packaged gift bags to deliver our most indulgent items with infinite attention to quality for well-deserving workers, family, and friends.
– Comes with printed back to back Golden A & Aguila Gourmet Meats expandable woven Eco bags
– Sturdy handle for easy grip
– Festive matte-gold ribbon
– Full print customized Happy Holidays greeting card

– Chinese Rolled Ham 250g
– Hungarian Salami 150g
– Beef Salami 150g
– Salami Milano 150g
– Chorizo Pamplona 200g
– Pepperbites 200g
– Olive Lyoner 250g
– Hunter Lyoner 250g


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