Dear Valued Partner,

Due to the drastic change and ongoing situation of COVID- 19, we would like to ensure clients and business partners that PLAMI is taking all necessary steps to ensure safety and security of our employees and families as well as service continuity.

We established a team who is constantly monitoring the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak and we can guarantee that we are acting based on recommendations and regulations of the local government and health organizations.

We would like to ask our clients and partners for their patience and understanding, as all personal meetings are on hold and travel restrictions implemented for everyone’s safety. We have distributed all the necessary materials for the protection of our employees working from home, in production and on the field.

As we put new precautionary measures into place, we pledge that PLAMI continues all operations smoothly with minimal disruption while we are committed to serving food and beverage products of the highest quality control standards.

Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to proactively communicate with you as the situation evolves.

Stay safe and well,

Published 27 April

Dear Valued Partner,

In compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission’s directive, our landline numbers will transition from 7 digits to 8 digits beginning October 6, 2019.

Our new contact numbers will be as follows:Trunkline: 8-724-6759 / 8-727-4073
Fax: 8-726-0890

We also encourage you to update your contact information with us by calling our trunkline and concerned department, getting in touch with your account manager, or by dropping us a message thru email or text.

Thank you.


Published 26 September

To Our Valued Customer,

PL Aguila Manufacturing Inc., hereby guarantees all our meat products are sourced and comply in all aspects of the DA, and undergo complete inspection and clearance with regards to the (ASF) African Swine Fever outbreak.

We go through great lengths to ensure that the highest food safety and quality control standards are met during all phases of production.

A friendly message from,
Aguila Gourmet Meats
PL Aguila Manufacturing, Inc.

Published 16 September